Bad Credit Auto Loans for New & Used Cars in Ontario

No Credit? Bad Credit?

We will finance your car Purchase! Do you have bad credit or even no credit? Do you think that there is absolutely no way possible for you to get the car that you really need? Do not become depressed because it is entirely possible for a person in your place to buy the car you have dreamed about. 

Past Credit History

Many borrowers think they are not eligible for loans because of their past credit history. There are plenty of loan providers out there and some of them are willing to lend you money. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to shop around and look for the best interest rate that you can find. 

Important Aspect

Remember that your interest rate will be based on your credit score. The most important aspect of purchasing a car is knowledge. This rule also applies to the financing. The first piece of the puzzle you will need is your credit rating. You can get this information on many websites such as

Credit Score

Once you have your credit score, next you will need to go to This website will enable you to estimate your monthly payments based on your credit rating, the kind of car you wish to purchase (new or used), the loan amount and your zip code. The site will give you your monthly payments from several different loan companies after you have entered in your information. 

Below are some of the unique services our customers are guaranteed to receive.

Get a car loan with bad credit in Ontario today! New Car Canada will help answer any questions you may have.

· Fast processing - Application only takes a few minutes and the reply is prompt. Once the application is complete, a credit specialist is immediately assigned to process it—eliminating the hassles while streamlining the entire process, making it easier and quicker for the customer to obtain the loan with bad or no credit, within 1 -2 business days.

· Nationwide coverage - It does not matter where the customers reside. Our unique car loan services got all qualified customers covered nationally.

· Huge available loans - For potential customers wanting to end their car financial issues, here is the good news! There are loans ranging from $5,000-$50,000 available to meet such needs.

· Transparency - All customers are duly updated on the step by step loan process, with all terms of their financing made known to them prior to the actual deal itself.

· Discreet - Only minimum information is required from customers, and such are only made known to the primary parties concern.

· Fair and outstanding interest rates that are market competitive.

· Absolutely FREE - Yes! No user charges. Customers only need to comply with the monthly payment, and the road is theirs for the taking.

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Knowing what the financing rates are before you sit down to negotiate a price for your new vehicle helps you in a couple of different ways; 1) You now know how much of a payment that you qualify for. 2) You can concentrate completely on the price negotiations instead of worrying about financing.

3) You will know if the loan officer is being unfair with you or not.  Before you step foot into the auto dealership remember to do this homework first. Being armed with a little information can make financing your new vehicle will make your new auto purchase much easier.