All About Commercial Safes

You might have protected your building with alarms and locks. As a matter of fact, you might also have surveillance cameras that record the activities of the events and people.  However, the question is what you have done to protect the most valuable possessions like vital corporate, cash, computer data, and records. For these you will need commercial safe for sale.

A safe is capable of preserving the content even if the building is burning down. Also, it will slow down a burglar and will give time to the police to respond to the alarm system. A safe will help in protecting the business cash and the information from being target of the internal theft and white collar criminals.

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Not An Average Office Supply Store Safe

There are many bargain safes which are available at the hardware or the software stores. However, it is not built in the way as a good commercial safe for sale should be built. It might look good on the store safe but the question is whether it will be able to withstand the heat during the building burn down? And if it is able to then what are the contents going to look like. In case the items in the safe are important for you then you have to keep them safely and give them the security it deserves.

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Different Constructions for Different Types of Situation

A safe is built mainly for protection from burglars, fire, or both.

  • A fire commercial safe for sale has been designed to insulate the items from the heat of the fire. Cheap ones are going to have sheetrock. Again, the better ones will comprise of a composite mixture of concrete and other materials. Moreover, it will have a metallic door gasket material which expands and seals when it is exposed to heat. Safes which have been designed for computer media and photos will have added heat protection.
  • A burglar safe is much stronger than fire safe. A fire safe might have a thin metal sheet which sandwiches the insulation that even a teenager with hammer and drill will be able to open it up. Albeit, no safety is completely impermeable, the extra technology and armor take time to penetrate and the burglar will not be able to spend time on the site. If you have to prevent the thief from carrying away the safe, you have to make sure that it is 750 pounds.

Not all commercial safes have been created equal. Some of them have been designed for maximum security and is hardly opened.

What Size Commercial Safe Do You Need?

Whatever size you consider, get one size larger. You will get to hear from most of the customers that they wished they had gotten a larger safe size because they start thinking of many more items that they could have put in the commercial safe for sale once they bring it home.  you will have to consider the limitation of space that you plan on putting in the safe. The size of the door opening is also important. Make sure that you leave some space for future expansion whenever you can is a good idea. It is always better to spend little more money to bigger size safe.

If you plan on protecting CDs or Flash Drives then you need to get media safe.